Pensacola DRG Group

Pensacola DRG Class 9530 Nims Lane
For August 10th, 2021 2d Tues at 6 pm
At ESAR – 9530 Nims Lane, Pensacola
Distancing and/or wear masks will be your choice,
The room is quite large. There will be snacks and drinks as always.
This will be the 3d meeting since COVID, hope everyone is doing well now.
We are going toward our 5th year as a user group and over 100 registered in class !
Hope everyone continues to tune into the repeater for the world wide net TG91 on
Saturdays at 11am. The net continues to grow with countries world wide checking in.
Please check in thru the repeater when they call for 4 call sign zone, on time slot 1 !
All net check ins are listed on the WW TG91 web page for each Saturday.
Discussion subjects for this class:
We will review the following briefly: (some new dmr folks).
For others this will be a good refresher on some key things.

  1. The NEW Hoseline and it’s features (allows you to listen to DMR TGs with a PC).
  2. The process of building a code plug. Easy as 1,2,3 method.
  3. Also various Brandmeister tools, including real time monitoring of stations and TGs.
    One new item is the fact that the world wide database has now gone over 200,000.
    Only the Anytone D578 and the latest firmware, it can now load up to 500,000.
    All other radios have reached their database load at 200,000. We can certainly hope new
    firmware for the Anytone handhelds may get updated firmware to load more data, but
    probably unlikely. I will cover CSV and BIN database files, how to edit them for a
    smaller size that will load into these radios. There are some online websites that allow
    you to edit databases but as of right now, all charge a fee for that.
    We will cover the Anytone band plan in their new radios and how sometimes it can
    prevent you from loading a code plug, or going out of band. There is a solution.
    Other questions and/or discussions in class are always welcomed.
    With hurricane season upon us, both WB4OQF UHF and VHF repeaters are available
    for use. Your DMR capability could provide a valuable service during an emergency.
    Code plugs, CPS software and databases for DMR and Dstar radios are available at the
    meetings. Please bring a thumb drive. Anyone that would like to share subject matter,
    please let Greg, WB4KKJ, Tom W9TAB or myself Don, WB4OQF know.
    Snacks, drinks, and programming assistance provided at every meeting !

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