Sharing Ham Radio w/Visitors

Tonight’s #hamventure consists of a conversation with two fine younger gentlemen that stopped by for a discussion on inspiration on how to reach out to the community not only during the holidays, but all year long. The two young gentlemen discussed how to take care of our fellow residents from within and promote positive efforts for those who would benefit from a simple hello to a handshake in our hopefully post COVID-19 world. During the conversation they asked about the antenna on the truck and asked if was for #hamradio. Well y’all know what happened next! A full breakdown of ham radio and even an operational example with Echolink and its capabilities along with the telling of recent activities for how involved we are as radio operators with the community! During the conversation one of the gentlemen discussed how he already has a radio and is very interested in getting licensed!

As the conversation ended, information was shared for how to get them started in the right direction and how we could interact to assist them with their journey.#HamOn!

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