Local Nets

We encourage everyone to check-in to all the local nets you can. It helps show support for our fellow hams, is a great chance to ask questions/get help, and helps both NCS’ and operators know how to operate in the event of an emergency.

If any net in Escambia, Santa Rosa, or Okaloosa County FL is missing, please email [email protected] and we will get it added for you.


  • 8:00A NFL ARES Net 3.950 LSB (Traffic net) (Not on Sunday)
  • 6:30P NFL Phone Net 3.950 LSB (Traffic net)
  • 8:00P Gulf Coast VHF Training Net 147.360 W4AAZ (-offset, 100hz tone)


  • 7:00P Escambia ARES Training Session 146.760 W4UC (-offset, 100hz tone)
  • 7:30P Escambia ARES Net 146.760 W4UC (-offset, 100hz tone)
  • 8:00P Milton ARC Net 145.490 W4VIY (-offset, 100hz tone)


  • 7:00P Santa Rosa County ARES Net 146.700 K4SRC (-offset, 100hz tone)
  • 7:30P Elmers Net 146.760 W4UC (-offset, 100hz tone)


  • 7:00P Escarosa 10M Net 28.375 USB


  • (First Thursday only) 8:00P 220 Round Table 224.000 KO4SRC (-offset DCS023)
  • 6:00P – Mullet Net 3.885 AM


  • 7:00P Wire Rascals 146.760 W4UC (-offset, 100hz tone)


  • 7:00P YL (Women’s) Net 146.700 K4SRC (-offset, 100hz tone)
  • 8:30P Twin Cities Amateur Radio Club (TCARC) 146.730 K4DTV (-offset, no tone)