HamSCI Festivals of Eclipse Ionospheric Science


The HamSCI Festivals of Eclipse Ionospheric Scienc

Inform and Encourage Clubs and Hams in Your Section
To Participate in This Event!

What: The Solar Eclipse QSO Party (SEQP)

When: April 8, 2024

Where: Operate CW, SSB, FT4/8, and even WSPR and FST4W. Non-WARC bands 6-160 meters.


  • Help better understand how the ionosphere works!
  • How do disturbances such as solar flares, geomagnetic storms, and traveling ionospheric disturbances affect radio wave propagation?
  • How does ionospheric science help amateur radio operators improve communications?
  • How can I use my existing radio equipment for science initiatives?
  • Have fun in a friendly HF competition. And there are other experiments as well!

Who: Volunteer amateur radio operators, short wave listeners and science researchers from multiple US universities.

The SEQP is conducted by HamSCI –The Ham Radio Science Citizen Investigation — HamSCI serves as a means for fostering collaborations between professional researchers and amateur radio operators. It assists in developing and maintaining standards and agreements between all people and organizations involved.


  • Sign up here and participate! (www.hamsci.org/contest-info)
  • Get on the air on April 8, 2024, before, during and after the eclipse regardless of your QTH.
  • Log your QSO’s in a Cabrillo format.
  • Check the rules before or after the event for submitting logs.

For more information:

About HamSCI: www.hamsci.org

About The Festivals of Eclipse Ionospheric Science: www.hamsci.org/eclipse

Contact:  Ed Efchak WX2R, Public Information Officer: [email protected]

The ARRL is a partner of HamSCI and the SEQP.  HamSCI receives funding from NASA, The National Science Foundation and Amateur Radio Digital Communications.

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