About Robert Dallons

KM4VKY -- Retired IAM (Information Assurance Manager -- or 'Computer Cop') Original call (1968) WB6EZQ Live 1/2 mile inside Okaloosa, near Mossy Head. Secretary at NOARC, North Okaloosa Amateur Radio Club https://w4aaz.org/ webmaster

QST NFL for April 2022

QST NFL April 2022

What’s Inside

  • Hog County Annual Picnic
  • From the SEC
  • Santa Rosa County
  • Field Day 2022—It’s not too Late to Start
  • Get Your Computer Ready for ARRL FD
  • Escambia County
  • Free Operating Classes
  • LARA ARES Visits Repeater Site
  • Talking In from Walton & Okaloosa Counties
  • NFARC Sets Up JS8 Relay/Cache Station
  • Cornerstone Academy Ham Radio Open House
  • Alachua County


Marty Brown, N4GL

Editor, QST NFL