QST NFL for May 2023

QST NFL May 2023

What’s Inside

  • From the NFL Section Manager
  • Steve Szabo, WB4OMM, SK
  • NFL Section Member of the Month
  • From the Section Emergency Coordinator
  • The ABCs of Effective Radio Communication
  • Suwannee County ARES® News
  • Loften HS Grad Makes the National Football League
  • FFARA Participates in International Festival
  • Replacing Blown LIFEPO4 Battery Mgmt System for $7
  • Alachua County ARES® /NFARC Update
  • FFARA Completes 6th Year of Ham Radio Courses
  • Limited Space Expedient Deployment HF Antenna, Pt 2
  • Alachua County  Volunteers Investigate Mobile Broadband
  • FFARA Participates in Denial of Service Exercise
  • Walton & Okaloosa Counties!
  • Okaloosa ARES and “Service Denied”
  • What’s Happening? Santa Rosa County Edition
  • Installing RJ-45 or Similar Connectors
  • QCWA Chapter 62, Ocala


Marty Brown, N4GL


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