QST NFL for May 2024

QST NFL May 2024

What’s Inside…

  • Section Manager
  • ARRL Grants & Digital Library
  • Section EC
  • Why Ham Radio
  • Suwannee County ARES
  • Power Pole Distribution
  • GO-Kits Redone
  • Okaloosa County Hams
  • North FL ARC
  • Alachua County Simplex
  • Loften High School
  • USS Orleck & NOFARS
  • MERT
  • Sumter County ARES®
  • Girl Scout Event
  • Intro to Amateur Radio
  • Yagi Antenna Saga
  • Ham Radio Wins Award
  • Alachua County Happenings
  • Ham Clock
  • Testing Information

Earl McDow, K4ZSW

1 thought on “QST NFL for May 2024

  1. Robert; two years ago I bought the residual material inventory of an out-of-business radio and TV repair service shop in Pensacola. The haul included some good test equipment (some needed repair) and hundreds of thousands of discrete components, solid state devices, and integrated circuits. I have 50 years occupational experience in electronics, instrumentation, and controls; however, I don’t want to keep the component materials for my hobby activities. I have presorted many of the parts (that filled long winter nights) and they are in parts-drawer cabinets. Do you know anyone who might like to receive this haul free of charge? Please advise.
    Joseph Guthrie
    [email protected]

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