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Intro to N1EBC

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Hi my name is Jason. I like to repair things . My dad taught me a long time ago that if i wanted something find a broken one and fix it. This has worked for me on computers, tv, large appliances, vehicals, small engines, and just about anything else.

How I got to ham radio...Years ago in a thrift store we found and wooden cased tube radio  which started me on repairing it and moving into repairing music amplifiers tube and solid state for a local music store.

Then one day i wandered into W5cl's shop in Pea ridge and was transported back to my youth and never being able to afford a SWL radio.  Bob sold me 2 and sent me on a path to getting my tech license.

As much as I love radio I don't get as much time to be on it as I want as there is always something to be fixed.

A long time ago a boss told me go ahead see what you can do the worst that can happen is you can fix it.


N1EBC is derived from   EBC Emitter Base Collector.


Well thats it just thought I'd introduce myself

Topic starter Posted : 03/08/2021 8:05 pm
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